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Terms and conditions


All reservations must be confirmed by letter, e-mail, addressed to the reception of Boulogne Résidence Hôtel. It becomes firm upon receipt of this writing and by the simultaneous payment of a deposit equal to 30% of the value of this rental.

The prices:

Rental prices include VAT, and valid for a studio according to the studio's normal accommodation capacity (one to four people). They do not include the optional services appearing in the "Prices" section.

Best price guarantee:

The Best Price Guarantee applies exclusively to room reservations, excluding the sale of packages (including an offer offered to the hotel or any other service related to the room reservation).

The prices concerned by the Best Price Guarantee must be accessible to the public and open to reservation, excluding in particular: prices reserved for "groups", prices reserved for "companies".

Arrival time / Departure time:

Arrivals are received from 3 p.m. and imperatively before 10 p.m. In case of late arrival, please notify the hotel before 22:00 who will provide the useful instructions. The studio must be vacated by 11:00 am on the day of departure.

Early arrivals and late departures:

If you expect to arrive early in the day and want to get settled in your room immediately, we recommend that you reserve the room for the previous night. Likewise, for late departures, it is advisable to book an extra night in order to access your room until your departure.

If you choose not to make an additional reservation, we will be happy to keep your bags for a few hours.


A deposit of € 500 or the imprint of a bank card is requested on arrival to cover any costs of damage and exceptional cleaning.


Payment for the entire stay is made upon taking possession of the studio.

A month's rental in advance will be requested for a long-term stay (beyond one month), renewable every month.

The authorized means of payment are credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay), transfers for down payments, or cash within the legal limit.

Terms of cancelation:

All cancellations must reach us at least 7 days before your arrival date. If the cancellation of a guaranteed reservation does not reach us before the requested date, the Hotel will invoice the nights reserved until D + 7 (D = date of cancellation). If the occupant of the studio leaves before the rental expiry date, Boulogne Résidence Hôtel will invoice until the expiry date with a maximum of 7 nights. The sums paid beyond this billing will be refunded.

For details regarding cancellation conditions and security deposit requirements, please inquire at time of booking.

Modification of the length of stay during the rental:

In the event of a stay longer than one month shortened to a stay of less than one month, Boulogne Résidence Hôtel will charge either the Night Rate for the actual duration of the stay, or the Month Rate for the duration of the initial reservation.


A complete cleaning (excluding dishes) as well as the renewal of linen will be provided once a week (for a minimum stay of 7 nights), with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Any exceptional cleaning (for example, dishes not done, heavy dirt, penetrating odor ...) will be invoiced according to the number of hours spent in accordance with the current tariff.


Any degradation will be charged for an identical replacement.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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